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The Coach U Podcast

John "Coach U" Urena

This podcast is about being curious and learning from others. Tune in for insightful conversations with some of the brightest professionals in their field. It's my hope that you walk away from this podcast with something learned that can help you evolve in your life. Along with great conversations, I will be releasing episodes about life. We all deal with a lot and we don't often talk about things that need to be talked about. I am hoping through my explanation of experiences, you can relate. My goal is to connect with other human beings so they know they are not alone in this thing called life. I will always encourage people to create a better environment for themselves and to constantly come back to U. That's where your superpowers are. U just have to learn how to use them :) Remember, always Own U, Love U and Be U. My name is Coach U, and I welcome U to our podcast!