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The Motion is the Lotion- Dr. Craig Liebenson

February 07, 2022 Season 2 Episode 12
The Coach U Podcast
The Motion is the Lotion- Dr. Craig Liebenson
Show Notes

 Today’s episode features an awesome conversation I had with Dr. Craig Liebenson.  As you will come to find out, Dr. Liebenson is the director of LA sport and spine and he is the co-founder of first principles of movement.  Dr. Liebenson has a very curious mind, which is why I had to have him on for an interview. Our conversation revolves around human movement and health.  In this interview, we discuss how people get caught up in defending their biases or methods, why hurt doesn’t always equal harm, why coaches, doctors and trainers need to be agile, and why you need to gamify your training.  Dr. Liebenson has a very curious mind and follows a set of principles in order to help every client/patient, or student.  I love the way he approaches movement and overall human health.  

Here are some big bullet points from our conversation

- we don’t have all the answers, but we have the principles

- finding the safe starting place

- finding things they have trouble with = goals

- wear and repair: bioplasticity

- you need some stress

- flares are part of the game

- it’s easy to give people what they want but my job is to give them what they need

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